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Higher Living Records

Wouter Gordts

We are a record label. Simply put, this is the music we liked, and consequently mic'ed (literally... and figuratively). First and foremost, we believe in music. Quality music. We are always in search, and particularly like to unearthmusic of the underrated variety. We also like physical media: products of tangible beauty and a medium that sadly seems to be languishing in today's insatiable digital landscape. The internet has revolutionised the way we consume music but it has also enabled us to take music for granted. Piracy devalues music and it is not an issue easily resolved.

At Higher Living we prefer to give the consumer more credit than others might. Rather than enforcing ethics, you will find our releases available for free digital download in a format of your choice for your listening pleasure. In the meantime we focus our energies on producing beautiful, handmade, physical renditions of the music we think worth sharing. You can purchase direct from us should you wish to compensate our artists in the traditional sense and receive a record in all its wholesome and palpable glory. Long live physical media!

Get in touch with us at info(at) if you are interested in working with us, or for feedback on the music, the website, or anything at all! A living, breathing human being will be on our end to respond, because at the end of the day real people, real food and real music is all that matters. In that order by default.

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Higher Living Records
by Max Fotheringham
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‘Perikope’, the debut full length effort from Max Fotheringham, marks a second and more elaborate bedroom solo project from the formally Brussels based musician. Written and recorded throughout 2013, 'Perikope' presents ten tracks from a year long journey across vast land and through hearts and minds. The record echoes its 2011 predecessor EP ‘In All Amber’ while delivering a more refined and fleshed-out sound that ventures into more plugged-in and ambient places, establishing an...
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